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We offer fashion and wardrobe styling to those who need assistance for an appearance, photo shoot, or special event. Mood board and virtual styling options are available.



As your brand stylist we will cater to our business owners overall professional look to include individual styling and corporate/business identity. This level of styling is designed to help business owners position themselves as the leading and influential authority in their fields in the marketplace. We help business owners build statement brands that have a strong and consistent online presence that impacts their target audience.







Whether you want us to tag along while you shop or go for you, we are here to help transform your look by adding pieces to your wardrobe.

style experience


The Luxe Style Experience is our signature white glove experience filled with luxury and undivided attention to detail. Let's just say it's a whole movie! Our luxe experience is an all-inclusive and customized touch service that incorporates all creative stylist (Brand Stylist, Photographer, Videographer, Hairstylist, Makeup Stylist and MORE!)  required to make this time one to brag about to your family and friends.

$1,000 - $7,000



We cannot predict nor guarantee any results. Results differ and vary depending on each client. Your success depends entirely on your own effort, commitment, and follow through. You accept and understand that results will vary from each client. You fully agree that there are no guarantees to specific outcomes or results. Factors such as background, motivation, dedication, and actions play important factors into individual results. We do not make any promises concerning likelihood of success, performance, future income, customer growth, or results of any kind. 

Any client testimonies or earnings statements are shown as examples of what might be possible now or in the future. We cannot make any promises for any financial outcome. You agree that we are not responsible for any earnings. The success or failure of your personal or business decisions, is your responsibility. 


Our client testimonies are solely to give you insight about other individual experiences with our agency. The testimonies are all real clients and real results. They are not intended to guarantee that any current or future clients will achieve the same or similar results. ALL PAYMENTS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE!

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